Spurthy Vupputuri: A Journey from Philosophy to Data Science

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Meet Spurthy Vupputuri, a May 2024 graduate of UNC Charlotte, whose path to data science was anything but conventional. From Guntur, India, her academic journey began with studying Philosophy and Economics. However, her passion for solving real-world problems through data analysis led her to pursue a master’s degree in Data Science and Business Analytics.

Spurthy Vupputuri’s decision to join UNC Charlotte was influenced by the university’s commitment to diversity and its supportive environment for students transitioning into the tech field. A pivotal moment came during an advising session with Carly Mahedy in April 2022, where Spurthy felt an immediate sense of belonging. This sense of inclusion, coupled with a well-crafted curriculum, assured her that UNC Charlotte was the perfect place to pursue her graduate studies.

Spurthy’s journey into data science is rooted in her undergraduate studies in Philosophy and Economics. This academic background honed her critical thinking skills and deepened her appreciation for diverse perspectives. The transition from philosophical exploration to data science was driven by her fascination with solving real-world problems through data analysis. The intellectual challenge and the ability to apply her philosophical background to empirical data solidified her interest in this field, offering a unique and fulfilling career path.

Two professors stand out in Spurthy’s academic journey: Dr. Chandrasekar Subramaniam and Dr. Kexin Zhao. Their teaching methods, which did not assume prior knowledge and kept lectures simple yet informative, were highly appreciated. The insights and knowledge gained from their courses have been invaluable to her.

Spurthy graduated on May 11, 2024. Her immediate goal is to secure a full-time position that is both challenging and satisfying. The prospect of applying her knowledge in data science excites her, particularly the boundless potential of the field. With a master’s degree in hand, she is eager to continue growing and learning in this dynamic discipline.

Before attending UNC Charlotte, Spurthy did not fully realize the extent of her resilience and adaptability. The rigorous academic environment helped her discover her ability to tackle complex problems and thrive, reinforcing her confidence in her skills and determination.

Spurthy interned as a Data Scientist at Blue Nalu Analytics, where she was deeply involved in all aspects of project work. This experience was particularly rewarding as her contributions were valued, making her feel like an integral part of the team. The holistic understanding of the data science process gained during this internship has been crucial in shaping her career aspirations.

One of the biggest challenges Spurthy has faced is breaking the stereotype that individuals with a humanities background cannot transition into the tech industry. Demonstrating her technical skills, adaptability, and critical thinking, she has successfully overcome this misconception. Her journey is a testament to the fact that passion, dedication, and continuous learning can bridge the gap between humanities and technology.

In addition to her academic and professional pursuits, Spurthy enjoys writing blogs as a creative outlet. Her blog covers a variety of topics, including spirituality, cinema, music, love, and travel, reflecting her personal experiences and thoughts. Writing allows her to escape from the fast-paced world and contemplate the deeper aspects of life. Her blog can be explored at spurthyspeaks.blogspot.com.

Spurthy Vupputuri’s story is one of dedication, adaptability, and the pursuit of passion across diverse fields. Her journey from philosophy to data science exemplifies the power of interdisciplinary learning and the endless possibilities that come with a commitment to continuous growth and learning.