Outstanding Data Science Junior Faculty Research Award

This annual faculty research award is aimed to recognize significant achievements in data science research of a core or an affiliate faculty member of the School of Data Science during each calendar year. The winner of this award will receive a one-time $2,000 research stipend that can be used to cover any research-related expenses, such as conference travel, data and software purchase, and compensation for study participants.


An eligible candidate for this award is an individual who:

  • is a tenure-track assistant professor;
  • has been a core or an affiliate faculty of the School of Data Science at UNC Charlotte for at least a full year at the time of the application; and
  • has not received this award in the past 3 years
    Please note that a junior faculty can apply for either this award or the outstanding data science
    faculty research award (for all faculty), but not for both at the same time.

winners of the award


Dr. Liyue Fan is an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science and School of Data Science.  She completed her PhD and postdoctoral training at Emory University and the University of Southern California, respectively.  Dr. Fan’s research centers provide privacy protection for data science and artificial intelligence applications.  Her recent work presents contributions in three key areas.  1) Quantifying unintended information leakage in emerging applications, such as in computer vision, federated analysis, and healthcare applications.  2) Developing rigorous privacy-enhancing methods for data sharing and data analysis, by building on the differential privacy model.  3) Maximizing the utility of privacy-protecting AI, e.g., investigating memorization vs. generalization in deep generative models. In the past three years, Dr. Fan served as the PI of one EAGER research grant and one medium collaborative research grant, both funded by the National Science Foundation.  Furthermore, she is a recipient of an NSF CAREER award in 2022.   Since 2021, Dr. Fan co-authored 8 peer-reviewed publications with UNC Charlotte undergraduate and graduate students, including a CIKM full paper with one DSBA student.  Moreover, Dr. Fan contributed to the data science research community by serving as a topic editor for Frontiers in Big Data and co-chairing the Doctoral Forum at the 2023 SIAM Data Mining conference.