Jean-Claude Thill

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Department of Geography and Earth Sciences
Knight Distinguished Professor

Education: Ph.D. Geography, Université Catholique de Louvain; M.S. Regional Science, Université Catholique de Louvain

Courses Taught: NA

Dr. Jean-Claude Thill has a background in economic geography and spatial modeling, work during the 1990s focused on issues of spatial organization associated with the location of economic agents in a competitive environment and with the behaviors underpinning destination choices. His interests relate to two broad themes, namely transportation and mobility systems, and spatial knowledge discovery. In an increasingly mobile world, the ability for people, freight, capital, and ideas to move creates new spatial structures, while erasing others. Dr. Thill is particularly interested in the modalities of spatial operations of transportation and communication networks and of their articulation with their surrounding regions, in technologies and policies that frame these modalities, and in the socio-economic implications of the regional context. An understanding of the complexity and dynamics of new modalities of spatial interaction is suitably gained with new computational techniques of exploratory spatial data analysis and artificial intelligence. These two themes are closely woven throughout his research and teaching.