Robert Fox

School of Data Science
School of Data Science
Senior Lecturer

Education: M.S. Advanced Data and Knowledge Discovery, UNC Charlotte

Courses Taught: Cloud Computing for Data Analysis DSBA 6190

Robert Fox moved to Charlotte 23 years ago as a consultant with IBM.  Since then he has had a long (20 year!) professional career in the financial services sector (working for various banks), where he analyzed information as well as developed and managed data science teams and solutions.  He maintains a strong link to industry; and tries to stay on top of the business use cases that drive value from information.  Robert loves the field that we now call Data Science--and is unreasonably passionate about transforming data into knowledge.  He maintains his technical depth by coding, querying, analyzing, and building things on a regular basis.  His technical interests include cloud computing, data visualization, data mining, unsupervised learning, full-stack web development, and the integration and automation of machine learning.  He's an expert on the pitfalls involved in efforts to drive value with AI; and focuses on staying current with innovation in risk management, governance, and "explainability" in data science.