Michael Whacha: Cultivating Excellence from Harare to UNC Charlotte

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Everyone has a place at Charlotte

Originally from Harare, Zimbabwe, Michael Isheanesu Whacha is on a cultural journey. Pursuing an MSc in Data Science and Business Analytics at UNC Charlotte, he anticipates graduating in December 2024.

Cultural Explorer and Hobbies

Michael’s childhood in Zimbabwe ignited his fascination with diverse cultures. His travels, inspired by a love for different cuisines, have broadened his global outlook. Michael enjoys pushing his limits on challenging North Carolina trails. He is an enthusiastic chess and ping pong player and he approaches life with strategic precision.

Milestones and Long-Term Vision

Earning a full scholarship for US undergraduate studies opened new opportunities for Michael. Choosing UNC Charlotte was a proactive move due to its strong ties with Bank of America, aligning with his career goals.

Future Goals

Michael’s journey into data science was brought about by his role in Enterprise Credit Risk at Bank of America. He’s determined to work with Big Data, navigate data science effectively, and make a substantial impact.

UNC Charlotte’s Impact and Guidance

An Etiquette Dinner event refined Michael’s networking skills, letting him get a taste of real-world experience and gain confidence while interacting with fellow peers. Mentorship from Joshua Hertel, the Director of the School of Data Science, has been profound on Michael through his unwavering guidance and support throughout his academic career. His mentorship continues to inspire Michael, giving him the confidence to excel in his program.

Guiding Future Niners

Michael’s advice:

  • Embrace Failure: Learn from setbacks; they pave the way for growth.

  • Embrace Risk: True development happens beyond comfort zones.

  • Cultivate Curiosity: Seek knowledge to fuel innovation.

Envisioning the Future: Making an Impact

Post-graduation, Michael envisions leading data projects and making an impact with the education he has acquired through UNC Charlotte. He wants to share his expertise and educate others in his field.

From Harare to UNC Charlotte, Michael set the goals he wanted to pursue and is accomplishing those with excellence. He is growing his confidence in Data Science through all the experiences UNC Charlotte offers. His journey promises meaningful impact and inspiration.