Dayara Machado: From Au Pair to Data Science Trailblazer at UNC Charlotte

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Hailing from Atibaia/São Paulo, Brazil, Dayara Machado is an undergraduate at UNC Charlotte, majoring in Data Science with a minor in Statistics. Drawn to the vibrant Charlotte area and the university’s robust computer science program, she found the ideal match for her analytical mindset in Data Science.

Scheduled to graduate in May 2024, Dayara is poised to embark on a new chapter as a Quality Systems Data Scientist at Sealed Air, marking a significant shift from her previous analyst role. With plans to pursue an MBA in 2025, she looks forward to the diverse opportunities within Data Science.

Her journey began with the Au Pair program, a transformative step that brought her to the U.S. in 2017. Starting with minimal belongings at the JFK airport, she spent two years providing childcare for a host family. Overcoming language barriers and adapting to a new environment, she used her savings to embark on this new chapter. Motivated by her host family, she pursued college in Charlotte, earning her Associates in Arts in December 2021. Transferring to UNC Charlotte, she explored data science, securing internships at Duke Energy and Sealed Air Corporation. Recognizing the profound impact of data science on her career, Sealed Air offered her a full-time position as a quality systems data scientist post-graduation. This achievement is particularly meaningful, representing her journey from a humble family in Brazil to a data scientist at a global packaging company.

Currently working part-time as a Digital Data Solution Intern at Sealed Air, Dayara revels in the dynamic nature of her role – from crafting Power BI dashboards to automating processes. Her advice to incoming students emphasizes leveraging UNC Charlotte’s resources, particularly the Career Center and free learning platforms. Beyond academics, she recently discovered a passion for home renovations and DIY projects after purchasing a house.