Jeffrey Arnette: Navigating the Intersection of Data Science and Sports Analytics at UNC Charlotte

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Jeffrey Arnette, from Salemburg, NC, is an undergraduate student at UNC Charlotte majoring in Operations and Supply Chain Management with a minor in Management Information Systems and a certificate in Sports Analytics. Jeffrey chose UNC Charlotte for its renowned support for military veteran students and rising academic success in North Carolina.

The allure of data science captured Jeffrey’s interest, especially after taking his first sports analytics course where he realized it was the field he was meant to work in. Summing up his experience in three words—rewarding, transformative, and growth-oriented—Jeffrey acknowledges the empowering atmosphere at UNC Charlotte.

Among the many great professors, Carolyn Sly and John Tobias stand out as favorites. Carolyn’s down-to-earth approach and engaging classes, combined with an emphasis on respect for diversity, left a lasting impression. John Tobias significantly boosted Jeffrey’s knowledge and confidence, encouraging him to seize opportunities in the sports analytics field.

Following graduation, Jeffrey plans to stay in the Charlotte area, assisting his daughters in sixth grade while applying for two Master’s programs, one in Data Science & Business Analytics and the other in Business Administration with a concentration in Supply Chain Management. While Jeffrey is still waiting to hear back about these programs, he is excited for the opportunity and can’t wait to start in the Fall of 2024 if accepted. He finds excitement in the future’s limitless possibilities and values the improved work ethic and self-discovery gained during his time at UNC Charlotte.

Jeffrey’s love for sports finds expression in the Sports Analytics program, exceeding his expectations. While he hasn’t secured a sports internship yet, his participation in a Data Science practicum involved projects for renowned sports entities. As for advice to his 12-year-old self, Jeffrey would emphasize the importance of dedication and passion in achieving life goals.

Jeffrey’s journey at UNC Charlotte reflects his commitment, growth, and passion for both data science and the finer points of sports analytics. As he looks ahead to future endeavors, the story he envisions for 2033 is one marked by continued success, resilience, and the pursuit of his dreams.