Lara Kretschmer: Embracing Opportunities on and off the Court

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Lara Kretschmer, from Berlin, Germany, is a shining example of ambition, resilience, and adaptability. Graduating in May 2024, Lara’s journey at UNC Charlotte has been marked by her dedication to both academics and athletics.

As an undergraduate, Lara pursued a Bachelor of Science in Math for Business, with a minor in Data Science. Not only was she a standout student, but she also excelled on the volleyball court. Lara found her place at UNC Charlotte, drawn in by the vibrant campus atmosphere and the proximity to the bustling city of Charlotte.

The field of data science captivated Lara’s interest early on, sparked by her enjoyment of programming and her talent for mathematics. Her decision to pursue a minor in Data Science led her to further her studies with a Graduate Certificate in Data Science and Business Analytics.

Throughout her time at UNC Charlotte, Lara has been supported by dedicated professors who accommodated her commitments as a student-athlete. While she refrains from singling out a favorite, she highlights Dr. John Taylor for his exceptional teaching and understanding of her volleyball schedule. In her graduate classes, Lara found inspiration in Chase Romano, whose insights into the field of data science and analytics enriched her learning experience.

Looking to the future, Lara’s plans extend beyond graduation. With another year of eligibility for volleyball, she intends to pursue a Master’s in Engineering Management at UNC Charlotte. This decision reflects her desire to broaden her horizons and apply her data analytics skills in new and exciting ways while continuing her athletic pursuits.

What excites Lara the most about her future is the unpredictability of it all. Despite having a plan in place, she embraces the uncertainty, recognizing that new opportunities may lead her down unexpected paths. Reflecting on her time at UNC Charlotte, Lara acknowledges the profound self-discovery she underwent, gaining clarity on her career aspirations and recognizing her strengths.

Outside of her academic and athletic endeavors, Lara’s adventurous spirit shines through. A biking enthusiast, she embarked on a remarkable solo journey, cycling over 750 miles from Denmark to Poland along Germany’s coastline—a testament to her daring and adventurous nature.

Lara’s collegiate journey has been nothing short of remarkable. From navigating the challenges of being a student-athlete to embracing new academic pursuits, she epitomizes resilience and determination. As she prepares to embark on the next chapter of her journey, one thing remains certain: Lara Kretschmer is a force to be reckoned with, both on and off the court.