Academic Research Product Track

Twitter Academic Research Product Track

Twitter recently launched the Academic Research product track on the new Twitter API. This product is a great tool for researchers to free data sets, from unlimited APIs.

We encourage all UNC Charlotte faculty members to apply for the academic research product track before requesting access to the School of Data Science’s Twitter API historical track.


With the new Academic Research product track, qualified researchers will have access to all v2 endpoints released to date, as well as:

  • Free access to the full history of public conversation via the full-archive search endpoint, which was previously limited to paid premium or enterprise customers
  • Higher levels of access to the Twitter developer platform for free, including a significantly higher monthly Tweet volume cap of 10 million (20x higher than what’s available on the Standard product track today)
  • More precise filtering capabilities across all v2 endpoints to limit data collection to what is relevant for your study and minimize data cleaning requirements
  • New technical and methodological guides to maximize the success of your studies.


You are eligible to apply for the Academic Research if:

  • Employed as an academic researcher, post-doc, professor, or fellow
  • A master’s student working on a thesis
  • A Ph.D. candidate working on their dissertation
  • Affiliated with an academic institution AND have a clearly defined project.

Apply for the product here.

Additional information on the product can be found here.